Facts About Dental Bridges

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If you’re about to restore your smile with a dental bridge, then you are on your way toward the top-notch oral health you deserve! Dental bridges can replace missing teeth and give you the functional bite and beautiful smile you have always wanted. To help you know more about this dental restoration, our dentist, Dr. Marco Holgado, is happy to share some tips with you. Those tips are:

-Dental bridges can replace your missing tooth, improve the health and function of your smile, give you the ability to speak and chew, maintain the shape of our face, give you the force you need in your bite, and more.

-There are three different dental bridges that can restore your smile. The most generally used bridge is the traditional bridge. Other bridge options include the Cantilever bridges and Maryland bonded bridges.

-Dental bridges are made in a lab by dental technicians. They will use your specific measurements to craft a bridge that is right for you.

-Dental bridges can be held in place by the remaining natural teeth or by dental implants.

-Dental bridges can last many years if you take good care of them. In fact, they can last 15 years or longer.

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