The Links Between Your Oral Health and Dental Damage

Are you familiar with dental damage? Dental damage refers to injuries to your mouth that are often caused by outside influences. Although dental damage can arise due to dental abrasion and other issues that you may inflict upon yourself, the truth is that many forms of damage arise from outside... Read more »

What to Know About Regular Teeth Cleanings

Many people go a long time without seeing a dentist because they aren’t thinking about their oral health every day. It’s important to visit the dentist every six months to receive a routine dental checkup that includes a dental cleaning. We invite you to learn more about the purpose of... Read more »

Oral Health Happiness: Healthy Foods to Eat

Have you ever taken the time to seek out new ways to protect your teeth and gums? Did you know there are numerous products that we may consume on a daily basis that are capable of destroying your smile? Although many individuals are well aware of the dangers of sugary... Read more »

Superior Smiles Include Alternative Cleaning Tools

  Did you know the dental erosion can be harmful to your smile immediately after eating? This is because your teeth tend to be extra sensitive to acids that may have come into contact with them at this time. However, your brush may be too abrasive along with your toothpaste.... Read more »

Your Sleep Apnea Symptoms May Require an Oral Appliance

Sleep apnea is an oral condition that involves the soft palate and areas of the upper respiratory system and can manifest as snoring and interrupted breathing during sleep. You can consider many different treatment options, and a professional diagnosis at Zonies-Holgado Dental Associates can help you choose the most effective... Read more »

Dentistry Year-in-Review: Dental Sealants

In order to ensure your smile receives the treatment it deserves this holiday season, visit your dentist for a comprehensive exam to determine if any of your teeth are vulnerable to dental erosion. Dental erosion arises when harmful acid eats through your tooth enamel. To help combat this, a tooth... Read more »

Dental Tips Vital to Oral Health on Dental Damage Prevention

  Have you ever suffered from any forms of dental damage before? Even if you have not, it is important to set forth a prevention plan to help alleviate and diminish the risk of any forms of damage occurring to your teeth and gums. Although not all oral accidents and... Read more »

A Significant Case of Dental Attrition Might Need a Dental Crown Restoration

Dental attrition can affect a tooth’s enamel layer when minor deviations in the alignment of your teeth go unattended. As the tooth enamel starts to wear away you might notice a change in the tooth’s texture or gradually increasing sensitivity. As time goes on bacterial deposits can start to accumulate... Read more »

Facts About Dental Bridges

If you’re about to restore your smile with a dental bridge, then you are on your way toward the top-notch oral health you deserve! Dental bridges can replace missing teeth and give you the functional bite and beautiful smile you have always wanted. To help you know more about this... Read more »

Fundamentals of Choosing Your Toothbrush

Some people are avid proponents of the electric toothbrush, while some people swear by their trusty conventional brush style. As toothbrushes need to be replaced every 3-4 months, you will have lots of opportunities to switch. Feel free to experiment! To help you as you choose, let’s discuss some pros... Read more »