How Can a Bone Graft Benefit Your Smile?

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Drs. Holgado, Zonies, and Nielubowicz and our team at Zonies-Holgado Dental Associates, have seen how bone loss to the jaw can result from missing teeth for our patients in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. When it comes to missing teeth, jawbone loss can begin as soon as you lose a tooth. So what causes this bone density loss to happen?

In healthy oral function, bone growth is stimulated by the force of the teeth as you chew. This ongoing process is halted when teeth are lost, and the result can be dramatic. The width of the bone can reduce by 25% in the first year alone after tooth loss.

Your pearly whites can be lost from a variety of issues, including gum disease, tooth decay, and oral injury. If our dentists determine that there is low density in areas of your jawbone, a bone graft procedure may be recommended to build up the jaw again.

Our bone grafting procedure can effectively maintain your bone structure even after a tooth is lost. This is important because your jaw and facial bones support your facial muscle and skin to maintain your appearance. This means bone loss can make you appear prematurely aged.

Bone loss can also affect vital dental treatment options such as implants. Dental implants require sufficient bone material at is original size and location to achieve the best outcome. In addition to dental implants, bone grafting allows our dentist to improve the look and function of several restoration procedures including crowns and dentures, and even preserves your facial structure for the health and look of fixed bridgework.

If you would like to know more about how bone grafting can benefit your beautiful smile, we invite you to visit with Drs. Holgado, Zonies, or Nielubowicz, by scheduling an appointment at 856-429-4600 today. We look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.