Oral Health Happiness: Healthy Foods to Eat

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Have you ever taken the time to seek out new ways to protect your teeth and gums? Did you know there are numerous products that we may consume on a daily basis that are capable of destroying your smile? Although many individuals are well aware of the dangers of sugary sweets and treats as well as starchy snacks, few individuals think about foods and drinks that can actually promote a healthier smile. By seeking out products that can help strengthen your smile, you can actually improve your oral health.

If you are looking for a significant oral health enhancement through the use of dietary selections, seek out products that are known for producing saliva. Below is a key ingredient in improving your oral health as it can help eliminate harmful substances in your mouth. Saliva can neutralize acids even provide disease-fighting substances for your smile. Seek out food products such as apples and pears which are crunchy and have a high water content. Similarly, chewing sugarless gum after meals has also been shown to help promote the addition of saliva in your mouth.

Another common benefit from eating certain foods includes the use of enamel remineralization. Because numerous products can actually tear down your tooth enamel due to dental erosion, it is important to seek out products that strengthen your tooth enamel as well. This includes snacks and meals that are high in calcium and phosphorus. Products such as meats, cheeses, nuts and milk can significantly improve your oral health as they can provide additional strength to your tooth enamel.

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