Superior Smiles Include Alternative Cleaning Tools

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Did you know the dental erosion can be harmful to your smile immediately after eating? This is because your teeth tend to be extra sensitive to acids that may have come into contact with them at this time. However, your brush may be too abrasive along with your toothpaste. Thus, an alternative cleaning utensil should be used. One highly effective treatment to consider is with chewing sugarless gum.

By chewing gum directly after meals, you can drastically lower your risk for cavities. Chewing gum works because it helps spur on the addition of saliva flow in your mouth. Saliva is a key ingredient for your oral health to prevent cavities. Not only can saliva wash away food debris that may linger in your mouth after meals, but it can also help to neutralize harmful acids in your mouth and provide disease-fighting substances as well.

If you do decide to use sugarless chewing gum after meals, always make sure that it is indeed true sugarless. This is because sugars in traditional gum have been shown to be damaging to your teeth. In fact, plaque can actually convert the sugars in the harmful acids that will directly produce dental erosion. Thus, stick to sugarless gum.

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