What to Know About Regular Teeth Cleanings

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Many people go a long time without seeing a dentist because they aren’t thinking about their oral health every day. It’s important to visit the dentist every six months to receive a routine dental checkup that includes a dental cleaning. We invite you to learn more about the purpose of dental cleanings and the process performed at our office.

Keep in mind that there is no need to wait until your next dental checkup to see the dentist if you are experiencing signs of a dental problem. One of the conditions we screen for during your visit is oral cancer, which can manifest in a variety of abnormalities, such as discolored lumps in your mouth. We also evaluate any signs of gum disease since the symptoms can often be hard to recognize without the help of a highly trained dental team.

Dental checkups are also a time to address any signs of tooth decay, which is actually very common and can cause additional dental problems. If you ignore a cavity, the damaged could eventually result in the loss of the tooth, which is why you should not skip your dental appointments or delay receiving treatment for dental pain or tooth sensitivity.

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